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How Does a Payday Loan Work?


East Side Lenders There may be a time in your life when an emergency comes up and you need extra cash fast.  Rather than waiting for a bank loan to be processed and approved, many people around the world have turned successfully to Payday loans as a quick and easy alternative.  Payday loans may also be referred to as cash advances.  What happens is you fill out an application online, and in most cases the loan company you are working with will approve you right away.  Even if you have bad credit, this is still a reasonable option for you.  These loan companies want to help you, and will work hard to find the most reasonable solution for you.


A Payday loan is a short term loan because the goal is to repay the lender by your next payday.  You can see the cash in your account within 24 hours of applying, without the worry of the stringent credit checks that banks run. The lenders make it easy for you to apply and get a loan with a few rules, such as proof of a job with a regular paycheck, a bank account number and a way for the lender to get in touch with you.  The lender will determine how much you qualify for, but generally the maximum amount is $1,000.  This is just an advance on your paycheck, not a long term, large amount loan.  This loan is to be paid back by your next paycheck, so keep in mind you will have less disposable income with your next payday.


Taking out a Payday loan is a good idea when you need cash fast.    You may have a medical emergency, a broken down car, have your wallet stolen, or not be able to pay a bill right away.  If a situation comes up like this, a Payday loan can help you.  Rather than have to face costly late fees and penalties, high bank fees, and having your utilities disconnected because you can’t pay your bills, a Payday loan can get you through until your next paycheck.


When you are taking out a Payday loan, the lenders will caution you not to take out a loan for more than what you need.  Even if you are qualified for a larger amount, you should only take a loan for the amount that you need – again keeping in mind that this needs to be paid off by your next paycheck.  Your qualified lender will advise you of this.

One other point to be aware of when taking out a Payday loan is the interest you will owe on your loan.  The interest you will owe is directly related to how much your loan is for.    The interest rates for these loans are higher than traditional bank loans because you are being guaranteed a quick loan. Don’t let low interest rates be your only evaluation criteria.  Make sure you also look for a company with a history of outstanding customer service, someone like East Side Lenders.

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