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When my car broke down on me last month, I didn’t know where I’d get the $800 needed for the repairs. Without my car, I couldn’t get to work, and my job was on the line. I was so worried that I couldn’t sleep for the stress of wondering what I was going to do. A friend recommended East Side Lenders and said you could help. The application was so easy, and your agent so friendly and understanding, and I had the money I needed right away! Thank you for helping me get back on the road and saving my job!


- Rob

Tampa, FL



I just wanted to write and say a big THANK YOU to everyone at your company. For weeks, I’ve been harassed every day on the phone by my credit card company. I had run short on money after being sick and missing a lot of work a few months ago and had to skip a few payments. The credit card company had added late fees and upped my interest rate so much so that I had to make a payment of hundreds of dollars just to catch up. I had heard about payday loans but wasn’t sure it was for me. Your representative was really good at explaining how they worked and helped me to understand the process, and helping me to see how I could afford the repayments. With your help, I was able to pay off that credit card and now have my debts under control. No more harassing phone calls at home or at work. Thank you, East Side!


- Sheila,

Las Vegas, Nevada


As a single mom of two young children (ages 8 and 12), I struggle to make ends meet. I work a regular job every day, and then do part-time work from home at night to give my kids the best life I can. Their dad ran out on us a few years ago, and doesn’t pay child support or send anything for the kids so everything they need I have to provide. We usually manage to get by one way or another each month, but last week I found out my oldest daughter was going to need braces. I don’t have dental insurance and didn’t know where I was going to get the money needed to pay for them. After reading online about payday loans, I was a little nervous about taking one out. But your online application was simple, and the decision was so fast! I couldn’t believe I had the money needed so easily and so quickly! Your service is a godsend to single moms like me. My daughter’s smile will always be a reminder to me of how fantastic East Side Lenders was when I needed them! You’ve made me a loyal customer!!!


- Debbie

Miami, FL


Just a quick note of heartfelt thanks for your service and courtesy. Having the money I needed so quickly, and the ability to repay in a way that I can afford has made a huge difference in my life. You guys are the best!!!


- Mike



Thank you for helping us in time of real crisis! My wife and I were facing foreclosure of our home, having fallen behind on our mortgage payments. We had talked to a lawyer about bankruptcy, but didn’t want to do that as it would have cost thousands of dollars to save our home that way, and we really don’t owe much on credit card or other debt to make it worthwhile. We live pretty simply, but had to do some home repairs after water damages had caused a problem with mold and costing us a lot to get it removed. We kept thinking we’d catch up, but one thing or another always prevented us from having the extra $900 to bring us current on the mortgage. We’d taken a smaller loan from you before, and that had gone well, so we thought we’d try it again and we’re so glad we did! We’ve been able to save our house from foreclosure, and can breathe easier now. We have since recommended your service to friends in similar circumstances, and are definitely going to come to you first next time we have a financial need – thank you!


- Roger



It may sound silly, but I’ve always dreamed of having a beautiful wedding dress for my big day. When my boyfriend proposed last month, I was so happy but wasn’t sure how we were going to afford the wedding. Neither one of us had jobs that would give us the sort of money you need for a big wedding like you see on tv these days. We didn’t want all that fuss, either. In the end, we decided not to have a big wedding and to get married by a local judge instead, but I still dreamed of having my beautiful dress that I’d imagined since I was a small child. I found my dream dress on the rack on sale at a bridal shop, but it was still $600 plus tax and the cost of alterations. That was money I just didn’t have. I could have saved up each month to pay for it, but it would’ve taken months and delayed our wedding and I didn’t want to do that. My fiancé (now my husband) suggested I get a loan from East Side Lenders as he’d borrowed from you once before. I applied online, and had the money for my dream dress the next day in my bank account! I ran out and bought my dress that day, and we were married a week later. I felt like a princess that day in my special dress. Thank you – you made my dream come true!


- Brandy

Branson, MO



Bills, bills, bills – that’s what it seemed my life had become…an endless cycle of bills, and phone calls from creditors wanting money from me that I didn’t have. I was at the point where I didn’t answer the phone anymore or open the mail as all that was piling up was letters from different credit agencies asking me for payments. I paid what I could, but it never seemed enough to catch up and get them all satisfied. I had gotten myself in way over my head with too many credit cards, and didn’t have a way to get caught up or to make the minimum payments each month. A guy I work with had got a loan from you before, and he suggested I look into it. He was right! The online application was super easy, and having that money in my bank account so fast meant I could catch up on my bills and STOP the creditors in their tracks! Now I’m back on track – making my monthly payments and repaying my loan on terms I can afford. East Side Lenders has given me some peace, and for that you’ve got a customer for life!


- Edward

Plainfield, NJ



OK, it’s true…I had no “good” reason for taking a payday loan, other than I wanted a new iPad. For me to save up for one would have taken close to a year on my salary, and I’m not good at saving. I’d taken a payday loan before, so I knew how easy it was and how I could make the repayments on my salary. What I didn’t expect was how much my “splurge” has actually turned into a fantastic tool for me to use in my job and how much better it would make my life! While I won’t go into the details of how I’m using my new “toy” or how it’s helping me on my job, I just wanted to say that I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the fantastic service you’re providing for people like me who can’t always immediately afford the technology that will make their lives better. Thank you, East Side!


- Sam



Like a lot of people these days, I’ve found it really hard to pay my bills each month. Seems like they’re going up every day with higher interest rates, new fees, and lowered credit limits. In the past year, I’d lost 65 pounds, and had celebrated by treating myself to a whole new wardrobe on credit and store cards. While I was spending, I kept telling myself that I’d be able to make the payments later. But when the bills arrived, I found it a struggle to keep up and make more than the minimum payments. I’m a single woman, and my household bills take up almost my whole paycheck each month leaving little for me to pay on credit debts (which is why I bought clothes on the cards in the first place!). The stress of seeing my balances go up each month and knowing I was struggling to pay was causing me to start putting some of the weight I’d lost back on again. I was desperate, as I didn’t want to gain back what I’d worked so hard to lose. When I found your site online and saw that I could get a loan to help, I thought maybe there’d be a way I could manage again. I took out my first loan with you, paying down some of my cards with it. I continued to do this with my second loan, after repaying the first. Now, I can happily report that not only have I lost another 15 pounds, but I’ve reduced my debt by more than half! Thank you for helping me to get my finances under control, and to keep me on track with my weight loss program! I am a happy East Side client and will definitely recommend your service to anyone having financial difficulties and needs a bit of help – it works!


- Lisa

Albuquerque, NM



Thank you, East Side Lenders, for the loan. It was such a huge relief to have the money I needed so quickly! With your help, I was able to catch up with the bill on my cell phone and didn’t lose my service. I use the phone in my job, and it would’ve been a real embarrassment and caused problems if I didn’t have my phone. I’ll be sure to come back to you again whenever I need fast cash!!!


- Joey


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