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Apply for a Pay day Loan Today, Stuff your Christmas Stockings TomorrowEast Side Lenders Ho Ho Ho

Is it really true that you can apply for a pay day loan today and receive the money tomorrow? Yes, it is. Can you really apply for a pay day loan online? Yes, you can. Can you really get money with a pay day loan (that quickly) around the holidays? Yes, you can.

You can, that is, with Eastside Lenders.

Eastside Lenders is an established pay day loan business with one goal…to give you the best customer service possible. In fact, we have set the standard for both customer service and pay day loan companies.

How did we do this?

We did this by treating our customers right. We know that without our customers, we wouldn’t have a business. So we strive to give our customers the best service possible.

If you get a pay day loan through Eastside Lenders, this is what we promise you:

An online, hassle-free application process. Yes, you can really apply for a pay day loan online with Eastside Lenders. Our application takes less than 2 minutes to complete and submit. Imagine not having to fill out a long application and stand in a long line like you do at other lenders.

Secure Website. Many people are afraid to submit their financial information online, and that’s understandable. But Eastside Lenders uses best in class technology to insure that your private information stays private. You can be confident that no one else will steal your financial information from our system.

Fast Approval/Fast Loan Disbursement. To say that Eastside Lenders has a fast approval process is an understatement. In fact, we give you an instant answer on your qualifications to receive a pay day loan. We’re proud of our speed of loan approval. Isn’t this better than waiting several days to receive an answer on your loan application? We also have a fast loan disbursement procedure. After you are approved for a pay day loan at Eastside Lenders, we will process your loan immediately. Your loan will then be directly deposited into your bank account. You can use this money any way you choose. During the holidays, this money really comes in handy!

Repayment Terms. You will be scheduled to repay your loan on your next pay day. However, if you cannot pay the entire loan amount by then, you may qualify to pay off the loan in installments. After you pay off your loan, you will then be eligible to apply for another one.

Eastside Lending is pleased to offer this service to you, especially during the holiday season when money is so tight. A pay day loan is a great way to stretch your pay and to get all of your Christmas shopping done.

So if finances are too tight this holiday season, come to our website and apply for a pay day loan. Apply today and you could be stuffing your Christmas stockings tomorrow. Remember, our loan process is fast. It’s efficient. It’s for you.

By the way…have a Happy Holiday!


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